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  1. Dendritic cell and dexosome interaction with glioblastoma multiforme

    Principal Investigator: Evan M. Hersh, MD

    Institute: University of Arizona

  2. Modulation of phosphoinositide-3-Oh kinase (P13-K) activation and glioma phenotype by signaling regulatory proteins

    Principal Investigator: Donald M. O'Rourke, MD

    Institute: University of Pennsylvania

  3. Novel Hedgehog Pathway Antagonists as Potential Medulloblastoma Therapeutics

    Principal Investigator: James K. Chen, MD

    Institute: Stanford University

  4. Nonpathogenic polio recombinants as therapy for brain tumors

    Principal Investigator: Eckard Wimmer, PhD

    Institute: SUNY Stony Brook

  5. Structural and biophysical investigation of plexin and the semaphorin system, as receptor-ligand complex implicated in the progression of brain tumors

    Principal Investigator: Dimitar Nikolov, PhD

    Institute: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  6. Genetically engineered cells designed to deliver drugs by apoptosis

    Principal Investigator: James M. Gallo, PhD

    Institute: Fox Chase Cancer Center

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