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    We’re with you in the fight against brain tumors, and together, we’re making an impact.

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    We know knowledge makes us more powerful than this disease. Download Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Brain Tumors today. Learn more

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    Transforming tomorrow, today. NBTS 2014 Summit, October 1-2, 2014 Learn more

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    We are committed to improving the lives of all those affected by brain tumors. Learn more

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    We are working to overcome the challenges of moving research to new treatments. Learn more

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    We foster collaboration to drive change and advance progress. Learn more

National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and anyone who will be diagnosed tomorrow.
This means effecting change in the system at all levels.

Our Community Needs You

Community Needs you

Unite with us and the thousands of patients, families, and friends who are making a difference. Together, we are stronger than this disease.

Join the Fight

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To drive essential research


We support research poised to deliver change and transform discoveries into new treatments, as quickly as possible.

Advance Research

Our largest and boldest initiative, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative aims to double the five-year survival rate of GBM patients. Read More

To Fight for Policy Change

Policy Change

A new treatment, and ultimately a cure, won't be found by a single action. It will also require policymaker education, regulatory environment changes, and improved access to essential care.

Advocate for Change

Oral chemotherapy parity legislation helps ensure all patients have equal access to quality treatments. Learn More

Together, We Create Real Impact

5 FDA treatments approved 500k in research funded 3 Legislative wins in 2012

From the Blog

  1. August 6, 2014

    Leadership Update from the Chairman of the Board

    Over the last seven years, the National Brain Tumor Society has been guided by the thoughtful leadership of a broad-based team including our Chief Executive Officer, Paul TonThat. Paul’s vision, dedication, drive, and commitment have been critical in enabling the National Brain Tumor Society to become what it is today: the largest, most impactful nonprofit […]

  2. August 5, 2014

    Blogger Roundtable Roundup

    In July, we launched the Blogger Roundtable, an effort to collaborate with brain tumor bloggers to collect and curate their advice and resources for the brain tumor community. For the first Blogger Roundtable, we asked writers to submit a published blog post related to symptom management for inclusion in a roundup here on our blog. […]

    Blogger Roundtable Roundup
  3. July 23, 2014

    Guest Blog: Fighting for Change

    Guest blogger Lisa Peabody is a volunteer advocate with the National Brain Tumor Society. Recently, she joined National Brain Tumor Society staff participating in the annual Alliance for Childhood Cancer Action Day. I get on the Metro headed to the Capital Hill stop. I’m wearing my ‘walking’ shoes even though I’m dressed conservatively and professional. […]

    Guest Blog: Fighting for Change
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