Integrated Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives and funded programs aim to improve an understanding of brain tumors to transform research findings into new and more effective treatments, as quickly as possible. To achieve these goals, we foster collaboration and change within all facets of the drug discovery and development landscape and invest wisely in key initiatives poised to deliver results.

Pediatric Initiative Mary Catherine Calisto Systems Biology Initiative Community Research Fund: Oligodendroglioma Defeat GBM Research Collaborative Innovation Grants Advancing Research to Treatments Clinical Trial Endpoints Availability of Drugs for Pediatric Brain Tumor and Pediatric Cancer Research Federal Research Funding Oral Chemotherapy Parity Health Care Reform Implementation Image Map
  1. Defeat GBM Research Collaborative

    Our largest and boldest initiative to date, this strategic research initiative aims to double the five-year survival rate of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) patients in just five years through an innovative funding model and novel scientific construct. GBM is the most common brain tumor type and deadliest form of brain cancer.

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  2. Clinical Trial Endpoints

    Our Clinical Trial Endpoints Initiative aims to establish with the FDA accepted clinical trial goals and guidance that will incentivize the pharmaceutical industry to develop and deliver therapies that achieve better outcomes for the brain tumor community.

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  3. Community Research Fund

    The Community Research Fund allows contributors to pool donations to support research on a specific type of tumor. This program leverages a team of highly experienced, nationally-recognized scientific experts, working with National Brain Tumor Society staff, to determine the best investment strategy for each fund.

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  4. Pediatric Initiatives

    Our Pediatric initiatives seek to address the key barriers slowing development of new therapies for pediatric brain tumor patients.

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  5. Systems Biology

    Brain tumors are complex. We believe a systems biology-based research approach, focusing on the entire complex brain tumor system, can deliver more compelling insight and drive research to effective therapies much faster than under traditional research methods.

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  6. Advancing Research to Treatment (ART)

    The goal of this program is to translate laboratory science into commercialized brain tumor treatments by bringing together researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives, venture capital (VC) investors, and brain tumor patients to address the challenges surrounding therapeutic development and patient access.

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  7. Research Collaboration

    Within the world of research there are many leading organizations and experts, and we believe our collective contributions and scientific advancements will benefit the entire brain tumor community. As such, we empower researchers to bring new therapies to brain tumor patients through collaborations and partnerships with the National Brain Tumor Society.

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