Research and Grants

  1. Hedgehog pathway in medulloblastoma

    Principal Investigator: Allen Bale, MD

    Institute: Yale University

  2. A cross sectional study of health related quality of life in children

    Principal Investigator: Paul Graham Fisher, MD

    Institute: Stanford University

  3. Use of Phosphoinositide Analogues to Enhance Chemosensitivity: A Novel Adjuvant Chemotherapeutic for Medulloblastoma

    Principal Investigator: William C. Broaddus, MD, PhD

    Institute: Virginia Commonwealth University

  4. Functions of transforming growth factor-and the epidermal growth factor receptor in the development of glioblastomas

    Principal Investigator: Emmett V. Schmidt, MD, PhD

    Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

  5. Wingless Signaling in Medulloblastomas: A Murine Tumor Model

    Principal Investigator: Charles Eberhart, MD, PhD

    Institute: Johns Hopkins Hospital

  6. Towards personalized medicine in neurooncology: multigene predictor of response in glioblastoma

    Principal Investigator: Kenneth Aldape, MD

    Institute: MD Anderson Cancer Center

  7. Neural stem cells as a novel platform for gene therapy against brain tumors

    Principal Investigator: Evan Y. Snyder, MD, PhD

    Institute: Children's Hospital

  8. Identification of Key Genetic and Growth Control Pathway Changes in JPA that Represent Potential Molecular Targets for Therapuetic Intervention

    Principal Investigator: Tobey MacDonald, MD

    Institute: Children's National Medical Center

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