Research and Grants

  1. Active specific immunotherapy of glioma

    Principal Investigator: Dorothee Herlyn, DVM

    Institute: The Wistar Institute

  2. Dendritic cell and dexosome interaction with glioblastoma multiforme

    Principal Investigator: Evan M. Hersh, MD

    Institute: University of Arizona

  3. Immunotherapy of Pediatric Brain Tumors (Dendritic cell-GBM fusion cell vaccines)

    Principal Investigator: Gregory Plautz, MD

    Institute: Cleveland Clinic

  4. The role of met tyrosine kinase in the regulation of apoptosis in malignant gliomas

    Principal Investigator: Hui-Kuo G. Shu, MD, PhD

    Institute: University of Pennsylvania

  5. Genetically engineered cells designed to deliver drugs by apoptosis

    Principal Investigator: James M. Gallo, PhD

    Institute: Fox Chase Cancer Center

  6. Mechanisms related to the bystander cytocidal effect and the role of the bystander effect in the treatment of meningeal neoplasms

    Principal Investigator: Frank D. Vrionis, MD, PhD

    Institute: New England Medical Center

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