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  1. Vascular delivery of an amplifying vector for brain tumor therapy; Targeting, Imaging and Therapy of Gliomas Via Expression of Recombinant Biotinylated Receptors

    Principal Investigator: Xandra Breakefield, Ph.D.

    Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

  2. Genetically engineered anti-angiogenic anti-tumor cytotoxic lymphocytes: A novel immunotherapeutic strategy for malignant glioma

    Principal Investigator: Richard C. Mulligan, PhD

    Institute: Children's Hospital

  3. Effects of the suppressive CNS micro-environment on tumor growth in the brain

    Principal Investigator: Paul M. Knopf, PhD

    Institute: Brown University

  4. Identification and cloning of genes correlating with human astrocytic tumor progression using PCR based differential display of mRNA

    Principal Investigator: Peter McL. Black, MD, PhD

    Institute: Brigham and Women's Hospital

  5. Identification of genes involved in gliomagenesis of INK4a null mice, Role of the PTEN tumor suppressor in the progression of glioma

    Principal Investigator: Ming-Jian You, MD, PhD

    Institute: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

  6. DCC tumor suppressor gene-expression and function in gliomas

    Principal Investigator: Michael A. Reale, MD, PhD

    Institute: Yale School of Medicine

  7. Glioblastoma Multiforme: A model for cellular radioresistance

    Principal Investigator: Myles Astor, PhD

    Institute: New York Medical College

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