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  1. Role of a novel member of the ETS transcription factor/ oncogene family, ESE-1, in human brain tumors

    Principal Investigator: Towia Libermann, PhD

    Institute: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

  2. Generation and characterization of conditional cancer mouse models for atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor and choid plexus carcinoma

    Principal Investigator: Tom Curran, PhD, FRS

    Institute: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  3. Molecular analysis of the SynCAM family of tumor suppressors in the brain

    Principal Investigator: Thomas Biederer, PhD

    Institute: Yale University

  4. Targeting, imaging and therapy of gliomas via expression of recombinant biotinylated receptors

    Principal Investigator: Xandra O. Breakefield, PhD

    Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

  5. PARG regulation of Temozolomide-induced mitotic checkpoint activation

    Principal Investigator: Robert W. Sobol, PhD

    Institute: University of Pittsburgh

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