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  1. Identification of a gene on chromosome 22 involved in the genesis of embryonal brain tumors

    Principal Investigator: Deborah E. Schofield, MD

    Institute: Children's Hospital

  2. Molecular predictors of chemotherapeutic response and survival in oligodendroglial tumors

    Principal Investigator: David N. Louis, MD

    Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

  3. Monoclonal antibodies reactive with the angiostatin receptor to replace angiostatin as an anti-tumor agent

    Principal Investigator: Carol J. Wikstrand, PhD

    Institute: Duke University Medical Center

  4. Identification and characterization of novel substrates of neuronal receptor tyrosine kinases

    Principal Investigator: David D. Ginty, PhD

    Institute: Johns Hopkins Hospital

  5. Updating Prevalence and Conditional Survival Estimates for All Primary (Malignant and Non-Malignant) Brain Tumors in the United States

    Principal Investigator: Bridget McCarthy, PhD

    Institute: University of Illinois at Chicago

  6. Mitogenic effect of sonic hedgehog in the CNS of transgenic mice

    Principal Investigator: David H. Rowitch, MD, PhD

    Institute: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

  7. Genetically engineered anti-glioma CTL's in a murine model of EGFRvIII expressing tumors

    Principal Investigator: Bob S. Carter, MD, PhD

    Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

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