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  1. Novel mechanism of glioblastoma tumorgenesis and therapy

    Principal Investigator: Samira Guccione

    Institute: Stanford University

  2. Investigating the role of DNA damage response in gliomagenesis and cancer stem cell resistance to irradiation

    Principal Investigator: Eric Holland, MD, PhD

    Institute: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  3. ACSVL3- A Novel Therapeutic Target in Malignant Glioma

    Principal Investigator: Paul Watkins, MD, PhD

    Institute: Kennedy Krieger Inst.

  4. Mechanisms regulating stem cell behavior in glioma

    Principal Investigator: Nadia Dahmane, PhD

    Institute: The Wistar Institute

  5. Regulation of tumor cell invasion and survival by fibulin-3, a matrix protein uniquely expressed in gliomas

    Principal Investigator: Mariano Viapiano, PhD

    Institute: Ohio State University

  6. Role of YKL-40-beta-catenin signaling axis in GBM progression and radio-resistance; MicroRNAs in oligodendroglioma

    Principal Investigator: Kenneth Aldape, MD

    Institute: MD Anderson Cancer Center

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