Research and Grants

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  1. The biologic and prognostic role of replicative and oncogene induced senescence in pediatric low-grade gliomas

    Principal Investigator: Uri Tabori, MD

    Institute: Hospital for Sick Children

  2. Development of permanent juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma cell lines for preclinical trials

    Principal Investigator: Kwong Kwok Wong, PhD

    Institute: MD Anderson Cancer Center

  3. Identification of key genetic and growth control pathway changes in pediatric fibrillary astrocytomas (PFA) that represent potential molecular targets for therapeutic intervention

    Principal Investigator: David H. Gutmann, MD, PhD

    Institute: Washington University School of Medicine

  4. Controlling pilocytic astrocytoma growth: Effects of location, age, and telomerase

    Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Leonard, MD

    Institute: Washington University